LaShonta Edwards

Have you ever experienced a moment where you’ve sat back and thought “whoa this is parenthood, huh?” or “Am I even doing this right!?” LaShonta knows how that feels, and is here to support you in your pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting journey. With 4 children of her own, spanning from 1 years old to a college student, her personal experiences in life have given her the skills and intuition to support others exactly where they are.

LaShonta has been helping postpartum parents for many years. After her own struggles with perinatal mood and anxiety, she founded and ran A Mother’s Sanctuary, a non-profit organization which provided support groups and one on one parent coaching around the Houston area. She has served on the boards of many organizations who share the same vision of well-supported postpartum families, and volunteered as a coordinator with Postpartum Support International. She has worked as a postpartum doula, a couples coach, and a parenting educator for many years, and excels at nonjudgmental support for all types of parents. She brings years of experience with perinatal mental health to her work at CPFH.

LaShonta is currently a graduate student at Lamar University in the Marriage and Family Therapy program, and is practicing at CPFH under the supervision of Sherry Duson, Director of The Center for Postpartum Family Health. She is available to see clients on a sliding scale, as she trains to one day become a fully licensed clinician.

For more information about LaShonta, or to schedule an appointment with her, contact CPFH at 713.561.3884.