Community Collaboration Is Important To Us!

We really hate to toot our own horn, but sometimes the feedback we get is just too precious not to share! This work is all about providing the best possible care to people going through some of the most vulnerable times of their lives. When someone takes the time to let us know that we were helpful it means so much to us. The following are some of the (unsolicited) comments sent our way.

“My counselor is the best. Had a great experience.”

“Such a great session. Would recommend to others!”

“I'm gaining so much knowledge and positive strength to reestablish my self-worth, tools for coping, and working towards discovering forgiveness. Thank you.”

“While I was pregnant with my first child, I was able to talk with a counselor who was kind, intelligent, patient, and understanding. The office is very nice and child-friendly.”

“If I could put 9 stars it would be dramatically lacking what this center has done for our family and the health of our community! Our therapist has been more than perfect for the simple and deeply profound fact that she is a perfect listener and provides the appropriate feedback free of judgement and personal bias; in order for the patients to take the time to respond with a clear and reasonable answer to approach the issues at hand! I truly cannot thank this practice enough for their continued patience, support, kindness and love! We love you 10x back! Thank you, Moni, and the practitioners at the Center for Postpartum Family Health. Please continue to do this needed work; because our community would be stuck in a rut if it weren't for your guidance and wisdom!”

Our partnerships with other professionals in the community are some of the most important connections we share. We are always looking for businesses and professionals to share referrals with and collaborate with to provide the most effective treatment and healing team. The following quotes are from some of our most valued partners:

“Such as amazing resource for Houston- compassionate, skilled therapists for mental healthissues that arise during the perinatal period.” 

-Rhoda Seplowitz, M.D. Perinatal Psychiatrist

“I have served the Houston area for over 23 years as a labor doula and childbirth educator. The Center for Postpartum Family Health is always my first referral for anyone experiencing prenatal or postpartum mental health challenges. Sherry Duson and her team of therapistsare well-versed in all mental health issues surrounding pregnancy loss, birth trauma, mood and anxiety disorders in all parents, and helping couples navigate the challenges of becomingand raising a family. They are a priceless resource for the families in our community and I am grateful to have them here!” 

-Debbie Hull, Doula

“I feel very fortunate to have this organization in our city. It is my go- to resources for our clients. I appreciate the sliding scale option as well, as it allows service to a broader clientele in need. Thank you for all you do for our Houston families. You are greatly appreciated.”

-Gabriela Gerhart, Founder and Director of The Motherhood Center, Houston, Texas

“I am a mental health professional who has referred to The Center for Postpartum Family Health for many years. They are caring, compassionate and have been extremely helpful with every case I have sent their way. Their ethics are impeccable. I highly recommend their services.”

-Robert B. Andrews M.A., LMFT

If you would like to discuss how CPFH might benefit you as a client, or as a referring partner, please reach out at 713.561.3884, or email us at