The Center for Postpartum Family Health is happy to announce the addition of a new therapist to the clinical team!

We are happy to welcome Laqueena Lajas, who will be joining the Center for Postpartum Family Health as a member of our clinical team. "Being a parent is powerful but the weight of it all can often leave you feeling quite powerless. How do you practice self-care between feedings and diaper changes? How do you nurture your child when you feel detached or experience crying spells? How do you receive understanding and attention from your partner when you are both adjusting to new roles? How do you stop the tears from flowing when the social and political climate unsettles the safety you need for your child? How do you maintain your identity outside of being a parent?” As a wife and mother of three children, Laqueena has asked herself quite a few of these questions along her journey of motherhood. Truth is, there are no right or wrong answers. There is no one size fits all. As a therapist, Laqueena’s role is to hold space for questions and concerns such as these while helping you find and navigate the spark that ignites discovery, acceptance, love, and healing. Her goal is to bring parents into community and be there for those who need a place to talk. Laqueena received her graduate degree from the University at Albany and is a Licensed Master Social Worker in both New York and Texas. More recently, she served as a Board Member for BirthNet of New York, a grassroots organization aimed at eliminating inequities in birth outcomes for all childbearing people. Laqueena is also a member of Postpartum Support International and the Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for People of Color. She has training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and specializes in working with families who have birthed children prematurely. She is looking forward to bringing her energy, passion, commitment and dedication to the Houston area.