Melissa Reaux Dismukes

Sometimes the pregnancy and postpartum time in life brings about questions like “I’m supposed to be happier, right?” or “How is everyone else making this look so easy?” Like many individuals, Melissa has encountered moments of self-doubt, uncertainty, and questioning duringthe parenting journey. Her commitment is to provide the understanding and support you need during these emotional times. She is ready to support you on your wellness journey, particularly if you're navigating the challenges of new motherhood at any stage in the process. With a background as a wellness coach and personal trainer, Melissa understands the connection of physical and mental well-being, especially during critical life stages like the perinatal months. She takes a holistic approach to working with you to support your self-care and help you access tools to calm your nervous system, handle stress and feel better. Melissa's experience has taught her the value of creating a judgment-free and empathetic space, essential for addressing all aspects of postpartum mental health. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health at Sam Houston State University, Melissa practices at CPFH under the supervision of Dr. Emily Horton. She is available to see clients by appointment in-person and online, on a sliding scale, as she progresses toward becoming a fully licensed clinician.